Nearly all facilities can be adapted to use Prevenex. However, in order to operate properly, the Prevenex system needs to maintain stable oxygen levels. This means that the Prevenex technology is best suited to well-sealed low-traffic areas and not for facilities like restaurants, shopping centers and other high traffic areas.


network server room

Electrical fires can be devastating. With over 28,600 electrical fires being responsible for $1.1 billion dollars in damages per year, stopping an electrical fire before it starts can end up saving millions.

An electrical fire will never threaten a data center equipped with Prevenex since fires are unable to ignite. So damage from sprinkler systems or gas suppression systems is completely avoided.



Prevenex can safeguard against the destructive and irreparable damage that a fire can cause to valuable artifacts, documents and other exhibits housed within an archive. Archives often contain items made of materials such as paper, wood and cloth, which only help to accelerate a fire’s growth.

A Prevenex installation not only stops a fire from igniting, but also protects against water damage caused by sprinkler systems.



Warehouses pose a significant challenge when it comes to fire prevention and protection due to their sheer size and the types of equipment housed within. Between 2007-2011, over $188 million in fire damage occurred in 1,270 warehouses across the United States. While traditional fire suppression technology like sprinkler systems work to extinguish fires, they often result in a large expense and significant cleanup time.



Telecommunications rooms are one of the greatest sources of fires and can threaten entire office buildings. Eliminate this risk with Prevenex. Everything within in a Prevenex-controlled atmosphere is unable to ignite, ensuring your company is safe from harm.