Leading Technology


Our Best-In-Class Technology

For the last 15 years, we’ve been continuously developing best-in-class hardware and software for oxygen control.


Prevenex Central Monitoring Station

  • Prevenex has developed a new state-of-the-art central control station that allows for increased precision with an easy touch-screen interface. It connects to one or more Prevenex Controllers to provide real-time data. Features include alarms, current and historical oxygen content, data-logging and the ability for password-protected remote access and monitoring from anywhere in the world, even on your Smartphone.

Oxygen Extractor

  • Prevenex uses different approaches for creating the fire-protective environment, depending upon the size of the project. For smaller systems our modular Oxygen Extractor enables precise sizing, simple installation, and holds your space in its protected state with the absolute minimal power usage. It also offers N-1 redundancy at a very low cost. For larger systems, the PXNG series of Nitrogen Generators provides a reliable stream of nitrogen-rich air in the harshest of environments.

Digital Controller

  • Our wall-mounted controller provides that extra piece-of-mind. Designed to run non-stop, it is custom-programmed with control and alarm parameters specifically for your application and will maintain the space at +/-0.1% from the target oxygen content.
  • Generally located right outside the protected space, clear visual displays confirm the room is in the protected space, and if it’s safe to enter. Visual and audible alarms notify of out-of-range conditions, and internal back-up batteries bridge unexpected power-outages.

Oxygen Sensors

  • Each Prevenex Controller uses a ceramic-type oxygen sensor for maximum reliability. Unaffected by changes in temperature, pressure or humidity, requiring simple on-site calibration just once a year, and designed with a 10+ year life expectancy, these low-maintenance, high-reliability sensors are state-of-the-art in oxygen content measurement.